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Our adaptive clothing range is designed for those who value comfort and love creating memories. It can be styled in many ways. From cosy chilled day at home, to gym performance and brunch with friends. Shop our perfect-fitting everyday essentials range and get ready to live your life to the fullest with FAST adaptive fashion range.

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About us

Adaptive clothing brand FAST (Functional. Adaptive, Sustainable, Timeless) was created by two friends - Marina and Dasha. Marina got injured and became a wheelchair user in 2021, since then she was struggling to find the clothes that fits her well. Together with Dasha they created a clothing brand that helps to feel confident and cope with life difficulties faster.

FAST mission - create adaptive clothing that empowers you to live your life to the fullest!
What does FAST mean?
Designed for dressing with ease, style and comfort. Our garments are easy to wash, no ironing required. It is designed for living, not only for the looks.
Designed by disabled people for disabled people. We know how to make clothing fit well.


Eco-friendly, breathable materials. We use deadstock and upcycled materials and produce our garments locally.

Materials and designs that last years and look modern and good.
FAST adaptive fashion features
Created for comfort, so that clothing doesn't distract you from everyday life.
Ease of dressing
It's easy to put on and take off. We value your time and effort!
Trendy and fashionable, it allows you to feel confident and stylish.
We're always available! Contact us to ask your question!
Universal design
A carefully thought-out design with adaptive features that minimises pressure points and discomfort.
Made from soft and comfortable materials that look great and last through many washes.
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