FAST adaptive clothes sizing

Find your perfect size with our FAST adaptive fashion sizing chart for men and women!

Our sizing doesn’t play by the old-school rules of gender norms. Nope, we’re all about celebrating the glorious diversity of human shapes and sizes.

Comfortable and cool clothing matters to us, so we’ve crafted a line of adaptive joggers that cater to three height groups: short (152-162 cm), medium (163-181 cm), and tall (182-195 cm). So you will look great whether you’re on the petite side, somewhere in the middle, or rocking the tall life. Our sizes stretch from XXS all the way to XXXL.

A heads-up: You might find your size with us is a bit different from what you’re used to. To ensure the best fit, we recommend checking your measurements – height, hips, waist, and chest – and then picking the size from our FAST adaptive clothing range that fits you just right. Let’s get you into something that is comfortable and feels great!
Adaptive joggers
Adaptive sweatshirt
When picking out a sweatshirt size, it's best to base your choice on the measurement of your chest circumference.
How to take measurements?

1 Bust

Circumference of the most protruding part of the chest

2 Waist circumference

Measurement of the narrowest part of the waist

3 Hip circumference

Volume of the widest part of the hips

4 Arm length

Measurements should be taken from the intersection point of the neck with the shoulders and to the beginning of the hand

5 Height

Distance from heels to crown

How to take measurements correctly
  • Keep the Tape Snug, Not Tight: The tape should lay flat against your skin or clothing without indenting. It should be snug but not tight; you should be able to fit a finger underneath the tape.
  • Measure Twice: Always double-check your measurements for accuracy.
  • Record Your Measurements: Write them down and keep them handy for shopping, especially if you’re ordering custom or tailored pieces.
With these measurements, you’ll be well-equipped to choose FAST adaptive clothing that fits you perfectly.
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